2020 Seattle Seafair Weekend Boating- Boater Information

Seafair Seattle 2020seafair2

This Seafair weekend Captain Thomas Bliss of the Northwest Maritime Academy will be COXSWAIN Thomas Bliss of the USCG/AUX, and he has a few words of advice for boaters attending Seafair.

#1) You cannot pass into the restricted spaces without a pass. No Pass, don’t even ask.  see map link below

After the airshow is fine. Please do not push the line of buoys, stay put until after the signal for the break-in, about 2:30pm, you’ll know when its cool to go.

#2) Behave, Have Fun, and Behave!

#3) Lookout for your friends, lets not have any accidents.

Kids under 13 years of age need a life jacket at all times.
Don’t get popped for BUI, bring a DD!


If you see us, say Hi! We are in the 17′ Boston Whaler at the south end of the lake at Bailey Peninsula. (look for USCG Auxiliary blue uniforms, that are at your service)

Have a great Seafair Weekend!