Back To School First Aid Classes

Back To School First Aid Classes

Teachers & Daycare Workers Need First Aid Training

Sadly summer is over and Teachers and Day Care workers have headed back into the classroom and playroom.

While First Aid /CPR & AED training may be the last item on everyone’s list; keep in mind that there is a requirement under the law to be current in First Aid Training.

We have provided a chart below for easy reference. The corresponding WAC (Washington Administrative Codes) are easily accessed via the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries Website.

WAC 296-800-15005 29 CFR 1910.151(b), WAC 180-20-101(d), WIAA Handbook   Rule 23.2.1 A&B, WAC 388-295-1100(1), WAC 180-79A-380(1), WAC 180-82-340(2), WAC 296-62-40025(d)(v)(C), WAC 296-155-005-(1), WAC 296-155-120

Are You Required to Hold Certification? NWR is available for on site training of your entire staff.
Staff Position
Requirement or Recommendation
An Employee to offer first-aid
Required First-aid card – At least one employee at each location, at all times — (CPR recommended) WAC 296-800-15005 29 CFR 1910.151(b)
Bus Drivers
Required First aid card and CPR certification WAC 180-20-101(d)
Required First aid card and CPR certification WIAA Handbook   Rule 23.2.1 A&B
Licensed Child Care Staff
Required First aid card and CPR certification WAC 388-295-1100(1)
P.E. Teachers
Required for Endorsement First aid card and CPR certification WAC 180-79A-380(1)
Health/Fitness Teachers
Required for Endorsement First aid card and CPR certification WAC 180-82-340(2)
Lab Science Teachers/CHO
Recommended First aid card and CPR certification WAC 296-62-40025(d)(v)(C)
Maintenance & Operations
Required First-aid card when performing “construction” work  WAC 296-155-005-(1)WAC 296-155-120
Northwest Response & The American Red Cross

Northwest Response & The American Red Cross

Northwest Response and The American Red Cross

Poised to be your safety training and preparedness partner. with a comprehensive menu of solutions including:

  • OSHA compliant First Aid/CPR/AED Training.
  • Corporate Preparedness programs.
  • A comprehensive AED program.
  • A wide variety of safety and preparedness products.
  • A suite of mobile apps that put lifesaving information at your fingertips.

Every year, the American Red Cross provides
emergency and preparedness training to more than 7 million people.

Corporate Wellness offerings.

Companies large and small choose Red Cross safety training programs for one, simple reason. They get exactly what they want; outstanding, flexible training programs that fit.

Why Choose The American Red Cross?

OSHA Compliance

In 1970, Congress passed the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA Act) to ensure safe and healthy conditions for workers. The American Red Cross can provide you with a flexible workplace safety training program that adheres to OSHA’s recommendations.


You can tailor OSHA-compliant programs to fit your company’s needs, including customizable add-on modules. Our broad selection of training options include:

One-Stop Solution

The Red Cross gives you the efficiency of a true One- Stop Solution. We can help you avoid the administrative headache of dealing with multiple suppliers—and the serious safety risk of uneven program quality. In addition, you can develop long-term workplace safety excellence thru a multi-year, continuum approach utilizing American Red Cross’ full suite of programs and services.


A unique benefit of choosing the Red Cross as your health and safety training provider is our national foot- print. We provide a streamlined service-delivery system that meets the training needs of large businesses and organizations that require multisite training.

First Aid/CPR/AED Courses

As the country’s premier provider of OSHA compliant first aid/CPR/AED employee training, the Red Cross offers a full range
of courses. You can select just what you need. Training includes workplace, health care and public safety courses.

Training Benefits Include:

  • Two-year certification.
  • Digital certificates available anywhere, anytime.
  • Access to free online refreshers to keep skills fresh.
  • Train with the nation’s premier training provider.
  • Mix and match courses and delivery methods to best meet your needs.
  • Spanish language training materials are available.

Workplace Training Courses

  • First Aid—3 hours
  • Adult CPR/AED—21⁄2 hours
  • Pediatric CPR/AED—31⁄2 hours
  • Adult and Pediatric CPR/AED—31⁄2 hours
  • Adult First Aid/CPR/AED—5 hours
  • Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED—51⁄2 hours
  • Adult and Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED— 51⁄2 hours
  • Bloodborne Pathogens Training—1-2 hours
  • Asthma Inhaler
  • Anaphylaxis and Epinephrine Auto-Injectors
  • Using a Tourniquet
  • Emergency Medical Response
  • Citizen CPR

Digital Certificates

At the Red Cross, certification is fast, simple and easy. Now you can get 24/7 access to your digital certificates; plus print, share and download wherever and whenever you like. Digital certificates carry the same validity as printed versions, but without the hassel of finding your certificate in a file every time you need to present it.

We look forward to being of service.

Thomas E. Bliss, CEO
Northwest Response, LLC

What First Aid, CPR – AED Class Do I Need?

What First Aid, CPR – AED Class Do I Need?

Wait, What!?

You would think that this question “What First Aid, CPR/AED Class Do I Need?” would be fairly straight forward, but considering that many individuals are seeing the value of emergency medical response classes and seeking a class for the first time, or maybe there is an employer who has tasked a well meaning co-worker with finding a class for the team; it can all get a bit overwhelming!

There are a myriad of options and providers, and of course everyone has a program to sell, but our goal is to simplify the process and give you as much of an unbiased opinion as possible.

Let’s break it down.


As far as Northwest Response is concerned (slightly biased) there are three trusted providers in Health & Safety Training on a national scale: The American Red Cross,  ASHI/HSI-Medic, and AHA (The American Heart Association). All of these programs are partner to the OSHA Alliance, and are accepted Nationally.

The next questions you should ask:

Will the program work for me? Is it what I want to learn? What program has our team used in the past? What program does my employer require?

Some employers want a specific provider such as The American Red Cross, HSI-Medic, ASHI, or AHA, so the first step is to  find out which program the employer wants to utilize, then move on to the options below to determine what class is the best one to fulfill your specific needs.

Note: If you are just wanting to learn “how to respond” then take any Adult First Aid, CPR/AED Training course that is both convenient, and fits your budget. And, be sure to do your homework on the “provider/trainer’s” qualifications.


There are basically only a few levels of First Aid, CPR/AED training classes, and Northwest Response covers the entire spectrum. Below are all of the classes that Northwest Response offers, but if you need an AHA class; please visit the AHA website after you have read this post (link provided below).

Northwest Response Offerings:

  • Red Cross CPR/AED Training
  • Red Cross Adult First Aid, CPR/AED Training
  • HSI-Medic Basic Plus Adult First Aid, CPR, AED
  • Red Cross Pediatric and Adult First Aid, CPR/AED Training
  • Red Cross CPRO- CPR/AED & First Aid for The Professional Responder & Healthcare Providers.
  • Red Cross Bloodborne Pathogen Training
  • HSI-Medic Bloodborne Pathogen Training
Confused? Don’t be, lets break it down one more level.

This next set of answers should cover all you need to know about “First Aid/CPR/AED” training, and what class you need.

All I need or want is CPR:
  • Take The American Red Cross –  Northwest Response CPR/AED Training Class
  • Northwest Response HSI-Medic Basic Plus Adult First Aid, CPR, AED Class
My job requires me to have a “basic” First Aid, CPR/AED card, and/or I just want to be able to respond to medical emergencies.
  • Take either the American Red Cross – Northwest Response Adult First Aid, CPR/AED Training, or
  • Northwest Response HSI-Medic Basic Plus Adult First Aid, CPR, AED Class
I work with children, have children, or want to know how to care for children.
  • Take the American Red Cross – Northwest Response Pediatric and Adult First Aid, CPR/AED Training Class
I am a Professional. I work in Healthcare or I’m a Professional Responder i.e. LE- Law Enforcement, EMT, Firemen, Nurse, CNA, Care Giver, Dental Assistant, etc.
  • Take The American Red Cross – CPRO- CPR/AED & First Aid for The Professional Responder & Healthcare Providers.
  • AHA BLS which NWR does NOT offer at this time.
I’m required to have Bloodborne Pathogens Training as part of my job.
  • Take either The American Red Cross – Northwest Response Bloodborne Pathogen Training, or
  • Northwest Response – HSI-Medic Bloodborne Pathogen Training Class.

That’s pretty much it. Really.

If you have a more advanced need such as EMR (Emergency Medical Responder) then please drop us a line from our contact page.

Words of advice:

Some companies train to comply.  Some companies train Responders. Here at Northwest Response we train Responders. Please do your homework!  Check references, read testimonials, ask questions, and when you feel confident in the trainer you have selected; book that class!

The training you or your staff receive could mean the difference between life and death, literally.

We hope that the above helped to solve some of your provider and class questions.  If you still have questions, we are here to answer them.  Call us during business hours, or drop us a line from our contact page, and we will be happy to assist you to become a “First Responder.”

Additional Link:


American Red Cross Adult and Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED Course

American Red Cross Adult and Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED Course

Red Cross First Aid, CPR/AED Courses in Bremerton

The Bremerton office of The American Red Cross and Northwest Response are pleased to announce that the  Adult and Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED Course’s is again at the Bremerton office of the Red Cross after a complete classroom upgrade and remodel.

The Adult and Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED course incorporates the latest science and teaches students to recognize and care for a variety of first aid emergencies such as burns, cuts, scrapes, sudden illnesses, head, neck, back injuries, heat and cold emergencies and how to respond to breathing and cardiac emergencies to help victims of any age – adults (about 12 years and older) and pediatric (infants and children up to 12 years of age). Students who successfully complete this course will receive a certificate for Adult and Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED valid for two years.

Classes Scheduled For This month In Bremerton

See All Classes Here