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This course is only for those persons who have been scheduled for fit testing by Northwest Response.

After you enroll, check your email for a password reset (will take a minute or two) then reset your password by following the link in the email. After you reset your login password, login again, come back to this page and scroll down to start the course by clicking introduction.

If you do not get a password reset go back to the login screen and request another password reset. Sometimes the error is not entering your email correctly and you will need to re-register.

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Your facility has sent you here because very soon you will be given a Respirator “Fit Test” to ensure that your filtering facepiece (N95, KN95, P-100) is affording you the level of protection you expect, and is working to the standards of OSHA/NIOSH, CDC, FDA and Labor & Industries (L&I).

There is more to a fit test than checking the mask. You need to have knowledge of the proper use and limitations of the PPE you will be wearing, and the various types of respirators used in the workplace.

The following lessons will prepare you for your fit test session, and broaden your knowledge of Respiratory Protection in general. This course covers many different types of respirators and their uses, but is not a replacement for a full respiratory protection program.

NOTE:  You must be able to Don & Doff your respirator without coaching from the fit tester. Please watch the videos carefully on Donning (putting on) and Doffing (taking off) your respirator. If you have a challenge please ask your supervisior for assistance and instruction.

  • This course is a pre-requisite to fit testing.
  • You must complete this course before you can be fit tested.
  • You must click through all screens.
  • There is one quiz at the end of the course with 18 questions.
  • When you complete the quiz with a passing grade you will be ready to fit test.  Take a snapshot of your certificate, or print it to show the instructor before your fit test.