High School Tennis Player Morgan Wilson, 17, Dies of Sudden Cardiac Arrest

This is a very sad story about a seemingly healthy young girl who died from a Sudden Cardiac Arrest. No one can say whether she would have lived or died with early CPR & Defibrillation, but at least it should have been done.  This is why learning CPR and having AEDs in schools is so important! 
                                                                                              BY MELISSA PAMER

A high school tennis player who collapsed on a warm-up run in Anaheim last week has died after eight days in the hospital, her parents announced Wednesday.

Morgan Wilson is seen at left with a friend in a photo posted on Twitter by @steffymarti.

Morgan Wilson, a 17-year-old student and varsity tennis co-captain at Esperanza High School, died at UC Irvine Medical Center after suffering cardiac arrest on June 8.

She was the subject of a prayer circle organized on the school tennis courts by a former teammate last week. Friends posted about her on Twitter under the hashtag #prayforMorgan.

Friends prayed for Morgan Wilson at Esperanza High's tennis courts on July 10, 2014. (Credit: KTLA)

“Praying that Morgan gets over this hurdle,” one girl tweeted on Tuesday. “Couldn’t think of anyone who deserves a miracle more. #prayformorgan.”

Scott and Debbie Wilson wrote in a statement sent out by a spokesman for UCI Medical Center that their daughter’s body had “decided it was time to go” on Wednesday afternoon. They called her a “strong and passionate girl who loved life” and was a role model for others.

“We want to thank everyone for their prayers. The outpouring of support from strangers and those who knew and loved Morgan is overwhelming,” the Wilsons wrote.

Morgan Wilson had registered to be an organ donor without her family’s knowledge, her parents said.

“Like so many things in her life, this reminds us what a generous and selfless soul she has,” her parents wrote, saying they were working to donate their daughter’s organs. “Our hope is that they will save other people’s lives.”

Wilson was on a warm-up run before a private tennis lesson in Anaheim when she collapsed, the Orange County Register reported.

Rescue crews were able to get Wilson’s heart started again after using a defibrillator, but Wilson did not regain consciousness, the school’s women’s tennis booster club president said last week. She had no known history of heart problems.

Wilson’s parents said they believed their daughter could have been saved had she gotten CPR “in a timely fashion.” Urging others to learn CPR was the best way to honor Morgan, they wrote.

“Parents should make sure that those entrusted with their children’s care know CPR and are prepared to administer it,” Scott and Debbie Wilson wrote. “Ask whether their schools and athletic facilities have automatic defibrillators on site. Please, do not be afraid to ask.”