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N95 fit testing

Fit Testing N95 Respirator’s in Washington State During COVID-19 “Corona Virus”

By Thomas | Mar 11, 2020

If you or your employees will be using our fit testing services all “fit test subjects are required to read and agree to the OSHA guidance under 1910.134.Click the link to read the Guidance and Agree to the test methods: Copy the link to share with all of your staff being fit tested. Please Note:…

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First Aid, CPR, AED Training Compliance during COVID-19 (Corona Virus)

By Thomas | Mar 3, 2020

Over the past several days we have addressed many concerns from our clients about conducting First Aid and CPR/AED Compliance training during this Novel coronavirus (named COVID-19) international outbreak.   COVID-19 Now a Pandemic A pandemic is a global outbreak of disease. Pandemics happen when a new virus emerges to infect people and can spread…

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Environmental Medical Emergencies – Hypothermia

By Thomas | Jan 14, 2020

Don’t Miss our upcoming class at the Center For Wooden Boats [ecs-list-events id=’42345′] Hypothermia: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments Hypothermia, or abnormally low body temperature, is a dangerous condition that can occur when a person is exposed to extremely cold temperatures. Stay safe this winter by learning more about hypothermia, including who is most at risk,…

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Happy New Year!

By Thomas | Dec 31, 2019

Northwest Response  Wishes You A Very Happy New Year! Thank you to all of our clients, supporters, and our great team of EMS responders. Wishing you all the best in the New Year!

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Sharing Lessons Learned for “Safer Seas”

By Thomas | Sep 30, 2019

By Dione Lee Most cultures use storytelling or “lessons learned” as a teaching opportunity for passing on information gained from experience that is usually intended to keep the learner out of harm’s way. “This is what you never want to do and I am going to tell you why….many years ago, when I was a…

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Dr. Heimlich Performs Heimlich

By Thomas | Sep 27, 2019

Dr. Heimlich’s, Heimlich Save Dr. Henry Heimlich, 96, performed the lifesaving technique he invented for the FIRST TIME when a woman choked on her hamburger in the seat beside him. By Joanna Walters in New York For The Guardian The surgeon who gave his name to the simple but dramatic procedure used to rescue people from choking…

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How to Stop the Bleed

By Thomas | Sep 26, 2019

How to Stop the Bleed Today we live in a world where terrorism, the actions of unstable people, and the dangerous impulses of friends and relatives are very real and becoming increasingly more frequent. Massive bleeding from any cause, but particularly from an active shooter or explosive event where a response is delayed can result…

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Red Cross Licensed Training Providers Group on LinkedIn

By Thomas | Sep 25, 2019

Northwest Response has started an American Red Cross Licensed Training Provider Group on LinkedIn. To access the group visit this link: LinkedIn LTP Group

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CPR First Aid Classes Seattle

Back To School First Aid Classes

By Thomas | Sep 25, 2019

Teachers & Daycare Workers Need First Aid Training Sadly summer is over and Teachers and Day Care workers have headed back into the classroom and playroom. While First Aid /CPR & AED training may be the last item on everyone’s list; keep in mind that there is a requirement under the law to be current…

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