Offering traditional Classroom Sessions from full in-house to Blended Learning. You have choices.

NWR can customize any course to suit your working environment from Basic First Aid to Wilderness & Maritime Advanced First Aid.


Top Tier EMS Instructors

Two (2) Year Certifications utilizing Red Cross or ASHI-HSI Medical First Aid.
Available any shift, any day of the week. 
Serving all of the Pacific Northwest:

On Demand

Normally we are booked two to four weeks in advance, but we will make every effort to accommodate you. 

We do have gaps in the schedule, so the sooner you contact us, the sooner we can schedule your on-site session.

Give Blended Learning a Try

  • Blended Learning gives students access to the course by using the link in the email notification from Northwest Response.
  • Students have around-the-clock access to the course with the ability to start and stop at their convenience.
  • The LMS learning platform provides a consistent and structured approach for delivering content.
  • Online course content is delivered with Video and Graphics to improve engagement and learning.
  • Built-in library function provides additional information.
  • Northwest Response comes to your facility and completes the in-person sessions in about two (2) hours.
Online Study
Onsite Evals

Every client deserves the very best instruction; and we promise to bring our "A Game" to every class.

- Thomas Bliss CEO, Northwest Response.

Why Training Matters

Whether you choose the American Red Cross or ASHI; having regular First Aid, CPR, and AED Training saves lives as the Shelby Electric Cooperative team learned.

During an annual safety training at Shelby Electric Cooperative things took a serious turn.  Kevin Carleen was descending the utility pole when at about 20 feet in the air he fell backwards and went limp, but the quick actions of his colleagues saved his life.

The Team received the Certificate of Merit; one of the highest awards given by the American Red Cross. Watch as the team at Shelby Electric Cooperative receives their lifesaver award, and talks about how their Red Cross Health and Safety Training gave them the skills to save their co-worker’s life.

  • Great instructors, learned new skills in a fun way. Highly recommend!

    Linda Erwin-Gallagher Avatar
    Linda Erwin-Gallagher

    I have hired Northwest Response for two years in a row to provide medical services / monitoring onsite for a special beer event we host in Ballard (800-900 people). They have been professional, friendly, and very easy to work with for both booking and onsite services. I would definitely recommend them!

    Stacy Shipp Avatar
    Stacy Shipp

    I'm thankful that our event, the Seattle Pride Parade, routinely deals with minor medical incidents, like heat exhaustion, dehydration, cuts & bruises, ankle sprains, etc. Northwest Response handles these cases with compassion and thoroughness. If a more serious incident arose, however, I'm confident that Thomas Bliss and his colleagues would approach the situation with consummate poise and professionalism. I recommend them highly.

    Marc Ackerman Avatar
    Marc Ackerman
  • Tom was a great First Aid and CPR teacher. He is very knowledgeable and clear and funny in his teaching. Highly recommend.

    Steve Coombes Avatar
    Steve Coombes

    I've worked with NW Response on several festivals & events this summer. Their staff is calm, collected, great with various levels of customers (from intoxicated adults, to very particular 6 year olds). They are always prompt, the booth looks professional, they are very responsive to radio calls. The best on site medical team I have worked with.

    Michael Chandler Avatar
    Michael Chandler

    I highly recommend Northwest response to Mariners who are looking to upgrade their licenses and in need of CPR, first aid and AED refresh. Tom was an outstanding instructor with a lot of tips for trauma in the marine environment. Thanks Tom

    Mike Collins Avatar
    Mike Collins
  • Tom taught the CPR, AED and First Aid class for our company and it was great. Our employees learned a lot and had a great time. Definitely recommend for team training.

    Jenn Nichipor Avatar
    Jenn Nichipor

    Tom was great! Funny, good stories to make things real and helped out team to feel like they were more comfortable with their knowledge!

    Joel Mertens Avatar
    Joel Mertens

    Just completed a First Aid & CPR course taught by Thomas at Northwest Response. This course was excellent and fun, and it satisfied the Coast Guard requirements for my Captain’s license. I highly recommend it!

    Bill Davis Avatar
    Bill Davis
  • Captain Bliss not only has a deep knowledge base, but he is able to make the training come alive by applying real life experiences and telling stories of true situations he and his colleagues have encountered that drive the training home. I was riveted from the moment training began until the class ended and it was time to go home. I highly recommend this instructor and this training.

    Shelley Dudley Avatar
    Shelley Dudley

    I recently attended a marine first aid/ cpr course and was verify satisfied with the class. It was very informative and they did a great job of keeping it relevant.

    Ben Richardson Avatar
    Ben Richardson


Here are the Basics:

We have a minimum onsite training fee of $750.00 which covers the first ten (10) students for HSI Basic First Aid, CPR/AED.

Red Cross courses are $950.00 for the first ten (10) students.

Each additional student is:

HSI: $75.00
Red Cross: $95.00

There “may” be additional fees for travel outside our 55 mile service area.
And, if we are delivering a class beyond 100 miles; lodging may also be included.

We will need some information in order to quote your needs accurately as well as deliver the best rate we can.

Please provide as much information as possible in the form located below.
We can send you back a quote in a couple of hours in most cases, and sometimes no longer than 12 hours.

Training Class Needed