Arcturus Military Wool Blanket – 4.5 lbs, Warm, Thick, Washable, Large 64″ x 88″ – Great for Camping, Outdoors, Sporting Events,

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  • THE BEST GOT BETTER – Thanks to input from thousands of customers, we’ve made dramatic improvements to provide more warmth and comfort. Unlike other wool blankets, Arcturus blankets are triple-washed during production, making them softer, more hygienic, and less susceptible to shedding. Check out recent customer feedback to get the most accurate reviews from your fellow Arcturus fans.
  • PERFECT ANYWHERE – Loom-woven and hemmed on all sides with matching lock stitching, our blanket looks right at home in the woods or on your couch. Wool is a naturally fire-retardant material. Our blankets are NEVER treated with any additional flame-retardant chemicals, making them safe for you and your family.
  • PLENTY OF ROOM FOR ALL – Large size (64″ x 88″) will keep you and a friend cozy while camping, at a tailgate party, or an outdoor concert. Also great as an emergency blanket in your vehicle or for a cowboy camping setup.
  • WARM & DEPENDABLE – Wool is a time-tested natural fabric that will keep you warm, even when wet. The remainder of the blanket is composed of 20% hypoallergenic synthetic fibers for durability and washability. Because wool fibers are relatively short, longer synthetic fibers help secure the weave, minimizing shedding and adding years of life to your blanket.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE – We make it easy to care for your new blanket. Not only are they washable, but they get softer and softer with each wash. Scroll down for detailed care instructions.
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Arcturus Military Wool Blanket

Arcturus. Born in the Pacific Northwest.

We’re Arcturus, an outdoor company from Washington State. We know a few things about cold, wet weather, and that’s why we developed our line of wool blankets. Whether we’re skiing Mt. Hood, crabbing off the Alaskan shoreline, or just hanging by the campfire, we grab these wool blankets for warm and refined snuggling.

Weighing over 4 lbs, our wool blankets are designed for years of use. These blankets are loom-woven to ensure even texture and thickness. A solid lock-stitch prevents the edges from fraying and they’re machine-washable, which means you don’t have to worry about getting it dirty.

And hey – what’s better than a warm blanket? A warm blanket that didn’t eat your wallet for lunch. Hope you enjoy it. We do.

Arcturus Military Wool Blanket Large Size

arcturus warm wool blanket winter camping

arcturus wool blanket warm indoor outdoor

Extra Large 64″ X 88″ Comfort

Grab a friend or two and get cozy. At over 5 feet by 7 feet, the Arcturus Essential Wool Blanket is just the right size to have with you without being too bulky and cumbersome. It’s the sweet spot in size. When folded, these blankets measure about 16″ x 11″ x 4″.

Warm. Even When Wet.

Wool has an incredible property of being able to keep you warm, even when it’s wet. We bring this blanket with us wherever we go: ski trips, hunting, camping and even backyard BBQs. It’s at home wherever you are.

At Home, Indoors and Out.

Keep cozy whenever your adventures take you, even if that’s just in front of your fireplace.

Throw one in your trunk for emergencies or throw one on the end of your bed for those extra cold nights. These wool blankets are just at home indoors as they are outdoors.


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Thanks to You

Thanks to input from thousands of customers, we’ve made dramatic improvements to this blanket in order to provide more warmth and value. Unlike cheaper blankets, Arcturus wool blankets are triple-washed during production, making them softer, more hygienic, and less susceptible to shedding.

Amazing Value & Quality

“This is simply amazing! I have many military surplus wool blankets and this while not quite as thick is wonderfully made and the construction is second to none. It’s an amazing bargain considering the amount of a comparable Pendleton product. So thrilled will this blanket. I will be buying more for family & friends, plus another for my car!”

Comfy and Warm!

“I ordered this blanket, after much research, to keep in my car, take camping, and general use, as needed. It arrived super fast, and is comfy, keeping me warm in a 60-ish degree basement with a fan running. There is no harsh odor, it looks great, and is plenty big!”

Best Wool Blankets I Ever Purchased

“You can feel the quality when opening the package. The comfort of the weight and the durability is obvious. Happy with my purchase.”

Arcturus Military Wool Blanket Color Comparison

How to Maximize the Life of Your Wool Blanket:

Triple Washed During Production

Wool Detergent

Hand Wash

Line Dry

Triple Washed During Production

Every Arcturus wool blanket is triple-washed during production so you can use it right out of the box. However, at some point you’ll probably want to wash it.

Use a Woolen Detergent

We recommend using a detergent formulated specifically for wool for best results. Like all loom-woven blankets, this blanket will shed during the first few washes.

Wash Separately in Cold Water

To maximize the life of your blanket (and to avoid unnecessary shedding), we recommend washing your blanket by hand in cold water.

You may also machine wash your blanket separately in cold water on a delicate cycle using a front load washer. Avoid top loaders with a center agitator as they can cause damage and will increase shedding.

Line Dry Only

To extend the life of your blanket, we recommend line drying only. Dryers are hard on clothes and blankets alike, and line drying is much gentler.

Follow these instructions and you’ll enjoy a lifetime of use from your new Arcturus blanket!

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‎ 4.5 Pounds

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‎ May 22, 2018


‎ B07D7JC76Y

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‎ Arcturus Camo, Arcturus

10 reviews for Arcturus Military Wool Blanket – 4.5 lbs, Warm, Thick, Washable, Large 64″ x 88″ – Great for Camping, Outdoors, Sporting Events,

  1. Corrin

    Emergency PrepThis last year, I’ve been buying some emergency supplies for occasions. I got these as an option for warmth in the event of a blizzard or winter time power outage, which I’m glad that I did. We didn’t have to pull them out but my boyfriend has one on the bed with us for in the event that I steal the covers 😅 but anyway, this one is very large and my Boyfriend who is 6’3 can wrap up in it no problem, which was a concern for me since some blankets tend to be more for smaller people. I got 3 of these and putting in across our king sized bed adds alot of warmth. They really reflect the heat back on you and so tightly knit that the cold doesnt even penetrate it. I havn’t taken one camping or anything. But the feel of it is very nice. Would not recommend maachine washing, just a good shake out and even a hang up on a clothes line outside can get rid of any smell. I personally dont like the feel of the wool on my bare skin, its alittle scratchy, but if you’re using these for their intended outdoor purpose or even as an added warm layer for an emergency winter preparedness kit, they are your blankets, especially if you have any 6′ people in your house your worried about keeping warm in the invent of a winter disaster, I recommend it.

  2. Josh E

    needed some care before useI love the smell of lanolin. I’m frustrated I can’t find products that retain a good lanolin scent because all companies try to refine the smell out. A freshly cleaned and new bedding filled stable with clean animals meant a successful day and healthy animals so new, clean (not old odor build up) animal smells are not bad to me. I can understand the people who say it smells like a barnyard and why they may find it unappealing if they didn’t grow up around animals but I never understood the people who say wool smells like chemicals.Well after this blanket now I do.My cheap ~$12 50% wool blankets I got for the dogs to use smell like clean lanolin. If only lightly due to how much polyester is in them. My 90% wool ektos brand blanket I have been using to keep warm in my drafty 1800s farmhouse smells wonderful. I wish the smell wasn’t fading so I’ve already been looking at ways to spray it down with new lanolin and fabric refresher in place of washing options. Unfortunately ektos warns in their listing that even their 100% wool blankets are rough and suggest having a layer between you and the blanket. My one attempt to sleep with it resulted in waking up to the scratchiness where it had gotten under my comforter. So I went looking for something softer in about the same price range.This blanket smelled horrid. Not at all like good lanolin. I hung it over the back of my chair until I could wash it but the smell was burning my nose and causing a rash where my bare arm rubbed against it. I stuck it in the washer with kookaburra wool wash on handwash/wool, light soil setting and a light extra rinse/spin hoping it would improve. I originally wondered if the detergent they use to clean the wool or the finished blankets was breaking the lanolin down. When lanolin is separated into it’s individual parts some of the different resulting materials can smell like refined chemicals. Such as a few mechanical lubricants that are at least partially derived from lanolin to avoid using oil based products. Unfortunately the blanket was much much worse when I opened the washer door. The closest thing I finally decided I could come up with, as I tried to hold my breath while carrying it upstairs, was rancid oil. With our society relying on all vegetable oils I’ve rarely smelled rancid animal fat or oils from it but after thinking about the few times I have that definitely matched the best.I decided not to try rinsing it out and you don’t air things outside in Iowa in winter. Aside from it being subzero there is barely any sun. I doubt sunlight and fresh air would have been enough anyway. Maybe if I left it outside for 3-4 days but UV light is damaging to all fabric. Short periods of airing out are good. Frequent or long periods can be harmful. Instead I took a spray bottle and added 1/4th cup kookaburra wash, 1 tablespoon of Soak brand biodegradable handwashing solution for delicate items (citrus scent), and an estimated 1/3rd cup of the least refined, thickest lanolin oil I’ve found so far. I filled the bottle the rest of the way with warm enough water to help dissolve the lanolin. Oil+ water problem… but the biodegradable detergents were partially included to help dissolve the oil better as well as cleaning and deodorizing.I folded the blanket in quarters and hung it up with a fan, my spray bottle of custom mix, and a soft bristle fabric brush. I sprayed each side down thoroughly with frequent shaking of my spray bottle to keep it mixed and started brushing very lightly. It spread the mixture into the blanket and gently removed all the loosened wool from washing. Every time I flipped the blanket over or opened it up to refold I got hit by that horrible smell until I sprayed down and brushed out the next section. Many handfuls of wool lint with a line of it to the trash can despite gentle brushing and most of the bottle of mix later I could barely detect any of the remaining scent beneath normal lanolin and clean citrus. I hoped any remainder would go away when dry. I set the box fan on high, flipped the blanket over some hours later before bed, and it was dry and free of all bad odor by morning.In the end it is overall good quality material and turned out quite soft for the cost and type of wool used, barely sheds and what’s left could be solved with a little more brushing, and has a light pleasant scent now. Also I don’t get itchy, reddish skin where it rubs against the blanket like started to happen before rinsing and brushing it clean. It just took some extra effort to get it to this point and I don’t know enough about the process of making wool blankets to be entirely certain what seems to have ruined the original lanolin in the wool. Maybe it was some low grade or bad oil in the detergent used to initially wash it or the detergent itself.Simply rinsing or airing it out for a day will work for normal lanolin if you dislike the sheepy smell overall but I doubt it would have ever improved whatever happened to this particular blanket. In my opinion if you get a blanket that definitely smells beyond what normal lanolin does I suggest washing with wool wash or biodegradable washes for delicates and then following directions you can find to “lanolize” wool with a good quality product. If you really dislike even normal lanolin scent the washes for delicates and maybe some biodegradable fabric refresher may not restore the waterproofing and dirt repellent properties as well as lanolin but should be suitable for cleaning and improving the smell of natural wool on their own. Many no rinse, hand washing solutions can be used in a washing machine as well.A soft bristle fabric or other brush also works better to remove loose fabric or pet fur with potentially less damage than a washer or especially dryer for many materials. That’s how I handle the cheap wool blankets the dogs use. Spray with a good pet deodorizer, brush them with the fabric brushes, sometimes vacuum it off if the fur is more than I want to spend time manually scraping away, and give it back to the dogs nearly the same as new. Brushing also usually softens both natural fibers and synthetics like polyester better than washing because it evenly separates the clumped up fibers. Just make sure to match the firmness of the brush to how easily damaged or pulled apart the fabric is. It needs to be firm enough to be effective but soft enough or used lightly enough to only remove or separate what’s on the surface without pulling fibers out of the weave.

  3. JDW

    This Is My Man-Woobie.This blanket is sooo versatile, looks great, and I consider it an essential piece of kit. I am a hot sleeper, and this blanket seems to hit the sweet spot of temperature regulation for me. I use it at home, when I travel, and when I camp. Not lightweight, but far from heavy if you like having a blanket you can travel with. I find this blanket to be just the right weight for comfort; light enough to not be burdensome on you, but heavy enough to provide that sense of comfort from being covered, if that makes sense. The fabric blend is 97% wool, so it is NOT going to be a fuzzy cuddle blanket, but it softens up over time, and WILL provide warmth and a bit of water resistance. NOT WATERPROOF. Still, during a camping trip, it stayed warm when damp. I consider this blanket a GREAT value for the money. I was furious when our new puppy chewed a hole in my first one, and I ordered a replacement that same day without hesitation. The damaged one now has a place in my vehicle as a travel/outdoor blanket. If you want a blanket that is durable, warm, and versatile, I don’t think you will regret getting one of these. *Because of the wool, you need to follow the care/wash instructions carefully.

  4. Stephen M.

    Soft, warm, and well made!I love this blanket, it’s warm, soft, and it folds well. I bring this camping with me and I always leave one (if not 2) folded and in my trunk, especially during fall, leading into winter. This blanket is a must have and a feel of safety and comfort always having one in my trunk. This blanket came in handy just a month ago when I found a car that went off the road on the interstate, I pulled over to assess their situation and found an elderly man that fell in the snow trying to dig out his front tires; called the emergency services and immediately grabbed this blanket and wrapped it around him and waited for the services to arrive. Long story short, I strongly recommend this blanket, if not two! Not just for peace of mind, but also having a cozy blanket on hand for those chilly evenings when camping or simply an impromptu picnic!

  5. Debra

    Great wool blanketsThese are wonderful wool blankets that are super warm.I ordered them for the cold snap we were expecting and they arrived quickly.I ordered 3 different colors and all are great quality.The stitching is beautifully done.There was a smell to them when they arrived. I don’t know what lanolin smells like so I can’t say that was the smell. It doesn’t last because I can’t detect any scent at all after owning them for just a few short weeks.These blankets are keepers for sure.I hope this was helpful.

  6. Paloma Rodriguez

    Great!!I specifically bought this to block the heat on my radiator heater. Don’t be alarmed I did my research. One of the bedrooms in my 100 year old home gets too hot, and causes one of my family members to get full on panic attacks because of the heat. so I wrapped this baby around and it did the job, the rest of us can stay warm while their room is at a comfortable temperature for them. I will be buying another one for winter emergencies. Great price!! Lightweight!!! Beautiful!!!

  7. ToThePoint

    Does the job, light shampoo smell, lintyIt’s a big, fairly soft, moderately warm wool blanket that does basically what you would expect from it. Some reviews note a strong or unpleasant odor that’s either chemical or like a wet dog depending on which one you read. I didn’t encounter that problem: mine came new with a moderate shampoo-like smell that improved a little after airing it outside for a few hours but ultimately was enough to notice but not enough to bother me. Because it was so linty though, it did pick up dust and dirt easily when I had it outside, and I did keep it away from my face at night so it wouldn’t irritate my breathing. I read that the lintiness should go away by the third wash or so. It’s only gone through one camping trip with me so far, so I will still have to see about that.

  8. MBrown86

    Great price.I can’t say much about this blanket as I haven’t washed it yet. It does shed some but I imagine washing it (by the care instructions) that would reduce the shedding quite a bit. For the price I have no regrets. Overall I am satisfied with the purchase and have been pleased with the quality; personally I feel it exceeds the price tag. Wouldn’t recommend for super low temper area; I gave it a go around 30 degrees and even with two other blanks was still very cold but at that rate I should of been running a sleeping bag so i won’t fault the product none. Did come with a slight chemical sent reminded me of gasoline or something but it’s not intolerable it was faint and I really had to bury my face in the fabric and inhale to experience it. It’s a wool blanket; if that’s what you’re looking for then just buy it. It’s easily worth the tag.

  9. Googelyeyes

    Love love love this blanket.I watched this in cool water and dried on a low heat it is still damp after that and then just air dry it do not be alarmed at the mount a fuzz that comes off of this blanket. That is normal. It is an amazing blanket it is so warm and soft the only thing I can say is there are some particles in it that almost feel like little pieces of metal that are kind of pokey I have slowly removed them and I think it’s might be horse hair. sometimes horse hair is woven into blankets like this.

  10. arctic poppy

    These are the most comfortable blankets to sleep under if you like wool.Just the right weight for comfort. Poly comforters are, at least for me, too light and don’t breathe as well as these wool blankets. We use one on a king, and while it isn’t perfect, we would rather have it than spend 5 times as much on other brands. It covers us side to side. We use another one on a twin and it is more than enough. Probably would be perfect for a queen as well.

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