Don’t Die in The Woods – World’s Toughest Survival Bivy [with Hood Extension] Extra-Thick Emergency Sleeping Bag with

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Brand Don’t Die In The Woods
Color Army Green
Product Dimensions 2.5″L x 2.5″W
Closure Type Drawstring
Outer Material Nylon
Fabric Type Nylon
Size Full
  • Nylon
  • TOUGHEST MYLAR SLEEPING BAG ON EARTH – Our tear-resistant, extra-thick HeatFlex mylar is stronger and more flexible than ordinary space blanket mylar. We’ve added a hood section to protect your head and reinforced tape seams to create a durable, reusable survival bivy you can use alone or to enhance your existing sleeping bag.
  • ENHANCE YOUR EXISTING SLEEPING BAG – Worried about unexpected cold or wet weather? The DDITW Emergency Sleeping Bag reflects up to 90% of body heat to boost the heat retention of your sleeping bag, and the waterproof material protects your sleeping bag from outside condensation.
  • BUILT-IN HEAD PROTECTION – Studies show you lose up to 10% of body heat through your head. Our innovative hood design helps you retain this body heat for total body protection. This exclusive feature is only available from Don’t Die In The Woods.
  • ULTRALIGHT, WATERPROOF, & SUPER COMPACT – Hate carrying extra weight? It’s so small and light, you’ll forget it’s even there. We’ve designed the DDITW Emergency Sleeping Bag with the perfect balance of durability & weight at only 7 ounces (the weight of a small apple). Stash them in each of your cars and backpacks and always be prepared.
  • PROTECT THE WILD PLACES WE LOVE – We donate a percentage of profits to conservation efforts around the world, including 1% For The Planet, The Conservation Alliance, and many more. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – We stand behind our products. You won’t find a tougher mylar survival bivy anywhere. Guaranteed.
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The toughest mylar sleeping bag you’ll find anywhere – guaranteed. The Don’t Die In The Woods Emergency Sleeping Bag With Hood provides full-body protection to help combat wet and cold weather in an emergency – all in the palm of your hand.

Great For:
Not Dying In The Woods – Keep in your backpack just in case you end up spending an unplanned night in the woods while hiking or adventuring outdoors. Besides keeping you warm and dry, mylar has countless uses in survival situations.
Camping and Backpacking – Use as a sleeping bag liner in unexpected cold weather to enhance your existing sleeping bag by boosting heat and protecting from outside condensation.
Car Emergency Kits – Keep in the glove compartment in case you get stuck in a snowstorm, run out of gas, or get into a car accident during the winter.
Go Bags and Prepper Kits – A must-have for earthquake survival kits, 72 hour bags, first aid kits, emergency kits, and survival kits. And zombie apocalypse kits of course.

Unique Features:
Built-in Hood – Only available from Don’t Die In The Woods. Wrap around your head to retain up to 10% more body heat than other brands.
HeatFlex Mylar – Thicker and more flexible than ordinary space blanket mylar for increased durability and reduced noise when moving in your sleep.
Available in 3 Colors – Army Green, Survival Orange, and Woodland Camo
Profits for the Planet – A percentage of profits are donated to local and global conservation organizations.

Packed Size: 3.5 inches tall, 2.5 inches diameter
Unpacked Size: 3 feet wide, 7 feet tall (plus a 1.5-ft built-in hood)
Weight: 7 ounces
Material: HeatFlex aluminized polyethylene (mylar)
Stuff Sack: ripstop nylon with paracord drawstring

For emergency use only. Does not replace your sleeping bag. Always plan ahead and bring appropriate equipment for your trip.

Important information

Legal Disclaimer

For emergency use only. Does not replace your sleeping bag. Always plan ahead and bring appropriate equipment for your trip. Warning: Mylar is not fireproof. Keep away from heat and flames. Warning: Adult supervision is required due to strangulation and suffocation hazards. Don’t Die In The Woods is a registered trademark of 50/50 Goods.

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Weight 6.7 lbs
Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 × 3.5 in
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2.5 x 2.5 x 3.5 inches

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6.7 ounces



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Don't Die In The Woods

10 reviews for Don’t Die in The Woods – World’s Toughest Survival Bivy [with Hood Extension] Extra-Thick Emergency Sleeping Bag with

  1. Michelle S.

    It does stretch a bitGets me very warm, I’ll wake up sweating. Perfect for nights camping in cold weather. It’s kinda noisy

  2. Keith Hall

    Neat small packagingPerfect size for emergency or bug out gear.

  3. Kayaklover

    Delivery was promptIt is light weight but I haven’t used it yet so can’t comment on quility

  4. jim88

    Emergency Sleeping Bag With Hood | Ultralight, Waterproof, Thermal Mylar Sleeping Bag LinerPretty much a single use survival tool for emergency use situation, but will function as intended. Price was high at $17.95 so I will shop around for better pricing next time. This item’s advantage is that it’s form is a bag rather than a blanket and that there is slightly more material at the bag opening for the user to form a hood- in a dire situation these advantages would be useful. Material is Mylar with foil type surface, very thin, does not function well alone -without normal sleeping bag or blanket- but is meant to be used in conjunction with sleeping bag/blanket (or at least warm clothing) to retain some heat so that the cold doesn’t kill you. If the user is careful, and doesn’t tear/puncture or pop the seams, it can be very useful to keep you dry in a wet environment, certainly important in survival situation. Being that this product is basically a plastic bag, it is not designed to breath at all, if you use in a warm climate, expect it to trap moisture from your body and sweat inside the bag. It is small & light weight so it can be carried in a pack to aid survival if needed, but don’t ever expect to roll it back up in it’s original, compact size baggie, just use it if you need to and expect you will need to take care to not rip it during it’s usage. then probably toss it out and get another.

  5. C. A.

    pretty good comparatively speakingI found this to be one of the better emergency bags out of the bunch, it feels a little thicker(subjectively)than some, and plan to keep it in m gear just in case.If there is ONE criticism, it’s that the teeny tiny sack provided is just too danged small! Try to put it back in, IN MY HOUSE, proved to be a 15 minute ordeal. I suggest making the nylon/plastic drawstring bag just a big bigger, it will make it far easier to use. Out in the field, it wouldn’t be practical for anyone, after all COME ON! these things are folded by a machine to fit the sack at the factory.I’m keeping it, but will dig up some other case for it, as I DO like it.Oh, yeah, they send it out in this great little cardboard carton, the best packaging I have seen for such things.

  6. Deputy53

    Once You Open & Use-You’re done! NOT Reusable (Per Manufacturer)Been using these as “disposable” emergency blankets. (I kept 10 in my cruiser’s trunk at all times.) Now, they have improved the seams & durability in the almost 8 years the department has used them. But, they are still listed as non-reusable.Once you take them out of the pouch, you will NEVER get it back in the pouch.=just be aware of that fact.I recently bought more to put in our private cars, as I’m not RETIRED & living 1.300 miles North of Florida. It get’s a little cold up here in the winter, but After 30+ years down South…I still miss the seasons, The deer I hunt & eat are bigger than German Sheppard’s (unlike Florida.)VERY well priced. Buy a few, keep in your car. Then when you need it-you’ll have it.FYI-I am a tried & trued user of this product. It gives you the most “bang for your buck.” My Sheriff’s department would haven’t of bought them-if they were NOT cost effective.

  7. Brad Brundige

    WarmThis sleeping bag did exactly what it was designed to do. It kept me very warm. A side note though is to keep in mind that this is similar to an emergency blanket and it doesnt breathe so there is a high chance you will wake up in a pool of sweat. It isnt a bad thing, it means its working correctly.

  8. Ronnie D.

    Product spoke for itself.Must have on any outdoor hike.1) Safety tip of the day. If you don’t have a compass and you end up in a swamp don’t move if it’s a cloudy day. Remember Sun rises in the East and sets in the West.

  9. Mikell D.

    Great for survival kitsI haven’t actually used this bag because I bought them for our survival kits that I keep in our storage, but the quality and compactness of this item was very impressive. I noticed that this company also has blankets and tents. I plan to get some of those to add to my survival kits as well. I was very pleased with this purchase.

  10. Jkar2026

    Good for an emergency, not regular use!Bag was lightweight but extremely long. I used as a liner in my sleeping bag for a fall camping trip. Definitely kept me warm but not only did it hold body heat in, it also created moisture in the bag. I woke up with all my clothes damp and the liner “sweating”. Product works but I would keep it to emergency use . . . and have dry clothes available.

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