Lightning X Premium Stocked Tactical EMS/EMT Trauma First Aid Responder Medical Kit Backpack – Black


Brand Lightning X Products
Number of Pieces 268
Color Stealth Black
Included Components Tourniquet, Thermometer, CPR Mask, Blanket, Bandage, Gloves, Adhesive Tape, Eye Wash, Triple Antibiotic Ointment, Antiseptic, Gauze Pads See more
Unit Count 1 Count

  • Includes four removable zippered pouches with transparent window
  • Shoulder strap system designed to evenly dispurse weight and keeps backpack high on your back, no matter how much you load it down
  • Hidden hydration port will accommodate any size or type of hydration bladder, including left and right side openings
  • MOLLE platform on front sides and rear for quick access to tools, adding modular pouches suck as IFAK, and placement for a nameplate and company morale patch
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The LXMB45 Modular Tactical Medic Backpack is the culmination of two years of research, design and customer feedback by Lightning X for a practical and useful EMS bag for the tactical market. Far too often, tactical medics are forced to buy a military bag with no EMS features, or an EMS bag with no tactical features. Now you can have the best of both worlds, with a well organized and great looking bag all-in-one. The MB45 comes with two small and two large grab-n-go pouches with transparent windows plus two foam lined organizers with six dividers, all of which are completely removable or interchangeable within the main compartment. ***THE KIT: Tweezers, Kelly Hemostats, Trauma Sheers, Bandage Sheers, Penlight, Ammonia Ampules (10), Band-Aids (100), 4”x4” Gauze Pads (50), 2” Roll Gauze (2), 3” Roll Gauze (2), 4” Roll Gauze (2), 2” Self-Adherent Bandage (2), 2” Elastic Ace Bandage (2), 5” x 9” ABD Pad (2), 8” x 10” ABD Pad (2), 1” Roll Cloth Tape, 2” Roll Cloth Tape, Iodine Wipes (10), Isopropyl Alcohol Wipes (10), Triple Antibiotic Ointment 1/2 oz, Instant Cold Packs (4), Eye Pads (2), Triangle Bandage (4) , Eye Wash Irrigation Solution, Exam Gloves (8), Universal SAM Finger Splint (2), Oral Glucose Gel, Sting & Bite Relief Pads (10), Digital Automatic Blood Pressure Cuff, Premium Cardiology Stethoscope, CPR Mask (2), Berman Airways Kit (6), 10” x 30” Multi Trauma Dressing (2), Bag Valve Mask (MPR), 4-1/4” x 36” Roll Splint (2), 4” x 4” Transparent Chest Seal, Adjustable Cervical Collar, 2oz Burn Spray, 2oz First Aid Antiseptic Spray, Emergency Mylar Blanket (2), QuickStop Hemostatic Spray (1.69oz), QuickClot 4”x4” EMS Bandage, Tourniquet, Petroleum Burn Dressing 3”x9” (2), Tongue Depressor (2), Suture Set, First Aid Guide, Digital Thermometer, Thermometer Sheath (2), Israeli Bandage 4”, Folding Pocket Knife, Fingertip Pulse Ox, Nasal Airway Kit. Pulse Ox is not intended for medical use, it is rather intended for use in sports or aviation.

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‎ November 15, 2016



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‎Lightning X Products

10 reviews for Lightning X Premium Stocked Tactical EMS/EMT Trauma First Aid Responder Medical Kit Backpack – Black

  1. Amazon Customer

    Great Kit for the PriceProduct.If you are looking for an affordable med-kit with the basics to build on, this med-kit is what you are looking for. Everything shown is exactly what you get. While some comments will state the bag does not hold all the contents I will argue otherwise. First, I pack my kit for the most likely events I often encounter and in three categories, Airway Management (AWM), Hemorrhage Control (HC), and Chest Trauma (CT). The Collar is strapped to the side and the outer pouches contains some AWM and HC items with the rest located in the inside the main compartment of the bag. The CT items are located in the main compartment easily accessible along with my Ambu bag and three 14gauge needles. In addition to all the contents, I added 4 bags of IV’s prepped with 16gauge, tap, alcohol swabs, and elastic tourniquet all tapped in a zip lock bag for expedient application. There are 2 Hetastarch bags prepped in the same way. A compact AED, a 500 Headlight, an EpiPen, 2 ratchet tourniquets, and a tactical Miller blade Airway management kit.I have a dry bag for water insertion en route to a rescue. I know what you are thinking, HOW? Yes, they all fit in the bag. It all comes down to how you plan to you use your kit and what you need the most of in order to take care of your patients in the different types of environment you may have to work in. I have put together a lot of med kits, but I am please to finally find one that I did not have to spend a lot of money on and could add what I needed. Thanks to the Lighting X Team for a great product. I would buy this again and would recommend to my family and friends. Fist bump!Sua Sponte

  2. James Lightfoot

    Great supplyThis is well supplied fist aid oriented back pack, and the small bags and velcro straps help keep to a organized.

  3. Tek

    Decent selection of materials, the backpack is TERRIBLE.LightningX seems to have a good selection of kits. This one (The premium “kit F” I think) has a good selection of equipment. I chose this kit because it has some duplicate materials in case i find myself at a scene with more than one injured person. I also liked some of the things like the automatic BP Cuff and pulse/oxy finger monitor. When you’re responding alone, and need to handle multiple things at the same time, having the audible cues and alerts is very helpful. Yes I also know that Murphy’s law says electronics fail in the worst times, so I also carry a manual sphygmomanometer as a backup.The backpack however, is terrible. It has far too many loose, floppy oddly-shaped pockets. The main pocket opens up completely flat which is nice for easy access, but as far as transport and storage of you kit, it’s far too floppy, oddly shaped, and lacks significant structure. The kit sold in this bundle barely fits in the backpack, and there’s no room for anything else at all.Save yourself the headache and get a better bag. The backpack is awful.

  4. David Washington

    Great price with almost everything you’d need in the fieldGreat price, comes with pretty much everything you’d need in the field. Only wish they had a different options to pick from with the Tourniquets

  5. lane palahniuk

    Great productI likes the amount of products given with the kit and enjoy that they give you multiple of everything so it’s not one and done gone. I am a member of the fire department and a lot of products included we use on a day to day basis. Great kit you can take anywhere and worth every penny.

  6. stuart ogden

    OmgI love the bag and all it comes with. Buy a wrist bp cuff Get a Leatherman shears a Littman. And you’re good to go awesome bag

  7. Eric

    Fast delivery.Quick delivery. High quality.

  8. Keith D. Mcleod

    EMT packIs a well thought out and stocked EMT bag. Perfect for my needs. I added a few extra things like pen and note pad, marking pen. However they are just small things. Seems like high quality gear. Only four stars due to no info on how to set up the pack. I was an EMT for years but this pack setup was very different. Was very difficult to put gear in locations foe use based upon likely action.

  9. Jeremy Riddle

    2 out of 2 Doctors in our home LOVE this bag!When my partner and I were asked by friends who are the camp hosts of Bagby Hotsprings if we’d volunteer to be physicians manning a First Aid station for an upcoming meteor shower that is anticipated to draw hundreds of spectators, we said sure! Then they added the caveat we’d supply the First Aid station and supplies. We set out to create the most useful and compact, but fully prepared “pack”. We decided to create what we consider the best triage, diagnostic, and treatment medical kit for rendering aid. We took this seriously since by car, the nearest ER was 2 hours away. To summon a medical emergency evac by helicopter could be an hour and can only be done by emergency beacon or sat phone. We gathered several tools, but the Lightning X Bag had all the tools a physician, first responder, nurse, or EMT would likely need and use in the event of a medical emergency. The supplies are well chosen tools at a very high quality. We appreciated the service the seller provided to check on the shipment and our satisfaction. Be well and thank you for your passion for First Aid! Dr Jeremy Riddle

  10. Paul

    ComprehensiveVery comprehensive kit. Wish it had packing instructions as there is so much stuff I had difficulty making everything fit is an accessible way.

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