microMend Emergency Wound Closures Surgical Quality Laceration Repair Without Stitches – Think Ahead – Be Prepared- (Kit – 2

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Brand microMend
Material Gauze
Size 2 microMend Medium Devices, Gauze, Antiseptic Wipe
Style Kit – 2 microMend Medium Devices, Gauze, Antiseptic Wipe
Sterility Rating Sterile
  • AVOID STRESSFUL, EXPENSIVE TRIPS TO THE ER or Urgent Care with affordable, easy-to-use, safe and secure rapid skin closures. Eliminates the need for stitches.
  • WOUND CLOSURE KIT INCLUDES: Two (2) 1⁄2″ microMend devices in one sterile pouch to effectively close a wound up to 1”, with 2”x2” gauze and antiseptic wipe.
  • IDEAL FOR KIDS – PAINLESS AND QUICK WOUND CLOSURE: This laceration repair kit is ideal for treating cuts and lacerations. Easy as a bandage to apply and in seconds the wound is closed with the holding strength of stitches.
  • SUPERIOR HOSPITAL GRADE FIRST AID WOUND CARE: Allow you to care for lacerations wherever they occur; be it at home or work, playing sports, camping, hiking or at home, in the outdoors, or traveling.
  • OUTSTANDING RESULTS IN SEVERAL CLINICAL STUDIES. Proven to reduce scarring in 90% of patients compared to stitches. Made in the USA.
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medical grade components
strong physician support for microMend
Wound Care Anywhere

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No action or inaction should be taken based merely on the information provided above. Read and use as directed in Instructions for Use included in each package. If there is excessive bleeding or loss of blood has occurred, please seek medical assistance immediately.

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Weight 1.13 lbs
Dimensions 3.94 × 0.28 in
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‎ 7.95 x 3.94 x 0.28 inches; 1.13 Ounces

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‎ May 11, 2020


‎ B088FYX5R7

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‎ microMend

10 reviews for microMend Emergency Wound Closures Surgical Quality Laceration Repair Without Stitches – Think Ahead – Be Prepared- (Kit – 2

  1. Tyler Weber

    Amazing money saver.I bought these for my Backcountry medical kit. I ended up using one for the 1st time on my wife’s leg in our kitchen. She cut a 3/4 inch cut in her shin before work one morning. Butcher knife slipped off the counter. We put one of these on her leg after cleening to avoid missing work and a $1200 ER bill. I was amazed that this stayed on her leg thru daily showers for 8 days. Wound healed great. Saved time and ton of money. Well worth the price to have these in the emergency kit. I ordered more to have stashed at home too.

  2. Raine

    Hoped to never have to use but….I was hoping I would never have to use these but bought them for the “just in case” moments. That moment came and these were amazing! A gash that could have caused a trip to the ER for stitches was avoided because we had these on hand. It did exactly what it said it was supposed to do. The wound healed nicely!

  3. Linda Guthrie

    These work, great, for a cut half my finger off on ThanksgivingThey are extremely expensive for only two in the package

  4. Alyssa Harding

    Great except for on jointsI love having these around for those moments when you need more than a band aid, but feel like getting stitches is overkill. We had great success with them on our preschooler’s chin (she snuggled with a stuffed animal while we pressed them on, and once it was covered with a band aid, she did great at not picking at it). Less success when I had a flap of skin on my knee – they’d fall out after an hour. (Though I think they make larger/flexible ones that may work better for that case)

  5. Amazon Customer

    Worked immediately when other products failedMy boyfriend has to have a buildup of abdominal fluid drained weekly. Last time the hospital didn’t close the drainage site and it was leaking for 10 days! I tried all sorts of products without success. I was a bit scared of this one since the picture seemed to puncture the skin. We decided to try it. A small pinch for him but the leaking fluid is totally stopped and adhesion is perfect. No more wet guaze and tape hurting his skin. Expensive but we are super impressed.

  6. Crazy Lady

    Not sticky…updateUpdate: i returned product for refund. Seller was very helpful offering a newer one in it place.Seems to be old product. Returning. Not sticky, wont adhere to skin.

  7. DrTaunyaTinsley

    Ah-mazing!!!As microMend’s website states, “no stressful, costly, time-consuming trips to the ER or urgent care clinic.” I cut my hand last evening and was contemplating whether I needed to get stitches or sutures. After much research on Dr. Google, I found the microMend It! Skin Closure on Amazon. Ordered last evening, received overnight this morning. MicroMend absolution does what no ordinary bandage can. I had a bandage on last evening and experienced much pain when moving my hand (was trying to be still). Today, not only is there holding strength of a suture, I am able to move my hand/skin freely to prevent stretching and pain. Easy to apply. Definitely recommend covering with gauze or large bandaid. I am ordering another pack just to have on hand.

  8. Cindy Kudlik

    difficult to useA great concept and the mini staples are more appealing than just tape, but it was very difficult to use to close a wound on my left hand, using only my right hand to get it to stick in the right place. I nearly wasted one because I had to try several times to get it to stick in the just right to close the wound before it lost any ability to adhere to my skin. Was able to secure it with steri-strips though. They’re pretty pricey, but still less expensive than an ER or Urgent Care visit, so that’s a bonus.

  9. Aiko Z.

    JUST WHAT I NEED IT FOR!I got deep cut on my right thumb from a broken glass, and I took the stitches out too early. My cut was still bleeding and the wound was still painful, even when putting an ointment and band aid on. Was so desperate to have it close again but I didn’t want to take a trip to the e.r. and get it stitched again. So I turned to Amazon and came across this, I am so glad that I did! I trusted the reviews, and went with it! I highly suggest to get the right sizing depending on your wound, and also to follow throughly with the instruction, and to have it place firmly with adding a band aid or an aid tape on top of it after you apply it because having it just by itself can easily peel out. So I highly do recommend this if you wanna skip a trip to the hospital for just stitches! It’s so easy, and fast relief!! 👍🏼💯

  10. Juliana Asia-Su’a

    Mixed feelingsIt closed up the wound but one of them snapped off and took a piece of my daughter’s skin off, so she bled from that section, and the sharp edge when it snapped ended up scraping up the already partly wound so then it kind of reopened and bled a bit

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