SAM Rolled Splint 36″, Orange/Blue

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Brand SAM
Size 3 Foot (Pack of 1)
Color Orange
Unit Count 1 Count
Number of Items 1
  • The SAM SPLINT is extremely moldable, and soft enough to cut with ordinary household scissors.
  • he SAM SPLINT can be used to splint every bone in the human body.
  • 36 x 4.25 inch
  • Orange and Blue
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The MooreBrand® SAM® Splint, also known as the pocket cast, is a foam padded splint for greater comfort and adaptable for use in many situations.

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Weight 3.2 lbs
Dimensions 4.25 × 0.25 in
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‎ 36 x 4.25 x 0.25 inches; 3.2 Ounces

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‎ 65353

Date First Available ‏

‎ October 23, 2008


‎ B001J5H92C

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Manufacturer ‏

‎ Everready First Aid, SAM

10 reviews for SAM Rolled Splint 36″, Orange/Blue

  1. Pete Aaron

    Great first aid item to have!I used this product once for a splint on my Boston Terrier’s broken front leg. It was much better than the splint put on by the vet. You should get some good shears to cut the splint.

  2. Carol L. Kwan

    Recommended by EMTI ordered this splint after attending an industry safety training. The speaker was an EMT, and he strongly recommended this splint because it can be molded to best support the injured body part. I haven’t used it myself (and hope to never need it), but it is lightweight and looks to be a good product.

  3. Amazon Customer

    Exactly what I was expectingGreat to have on hand for emergencies while backpacking

  4. Alma

    Bought it JUST in time!My mother-in-law fell and broke her ulna and radius bones of her wrist! I drove home and grabbed my SAM splint. Everyone should have one in the home. So easy to use, cut, and fit to immobilize her arm.

  5. JJ Dyn O Mite!

    Essential first aid but not useful otherwiseI have a very physical job and work with my hands. I also have a history of minor sprains or crushed knuckles, so figured I should add this to the first aid kit. I ended up using it few months ago for a sprained pinkie knuckle. Just cut off a few inches of the roll, rounded the corners with scissors, wrapped the affected area and hand, moulded over the joint and wrapped lightly in Coban. This works well for keeping the finger pointed straight out. Problem is this product is little more than thin-gauge aluminum flashing sandwiched in foam padding. Attempting to fold at a joint creates a sharp area of higher pressure on the inside of the bend as well as a loss of rigidity. Also, depending on the mould, the sheet metal can peak out and become dangerously sharp. I folded over a smooth cuff on the wrist side but was unable to do so on the finger tip side. This sharpness and imperfect rigidity make SAM inappropriate for me as a functional rehab solution but fine as purely first aid.

  6. Davan S. Mani

    Safety and precautionsVery reliable and important companion for lifeguarding.

  7. Deb Brown

    Great splint holderVery durable and easy to use

  8. anthony l.

    Easiest to useThis is a great product for padding AFO’s.Easy to cut and shape to fit on curved surfaces. I’ve super glued in place and the product holds up to constant wear. Easy to remove and replace when needed. I only wish I could find it in sheet size other than a roll. I would recommend this product

  9. Mark Tina

    Sent mine to the hospital today!I started carrying a 36″ SAM splint folded flat in my hydration pack while mountain biking. Today I had a student athlete fall and fracture his wrist. In addition to the SAM splint I was carrying and “t-shirt roll” for wrapping the splint. The SAM was so easy and fast to deploy and custom form it was amazing. I can’t imagine trying to fashion a splint trailside out of sticks or bicycle pumps this morning. The speed and ease of use helped the injured rider feel secure and calm down quickly which is hard to put a value on. I purchased this after taking a wilderness first aid class where we used the SAM splints in several scenarios. So easy to carry and so easy to use! I just ordered a few more.

  10. Lindsey

    Excellent dog leg splint!This item saved my Rottweiler from some pain for his last week of life 🙁 He had bone cancer and his leg was on the verge of breaking. Besides the one bone, he was in great spirits and we needed something to help keep him comfortable until it was time to say goodbye. This splint was amazing and exactly what we needed. It formed right around his leg and then we wrapped an ace bandage around to keep it in place. We tried a few other options of dog splints and none of those came close to doing what this did for him. The support/strength is excellent and it’s padded just enough to provide comfort. I recommend this splint as a temporary fix for support on injured limbs.

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