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We have a solution for just about any size event.

Our History

Thomas Bliss started out with the Red Cross F.A.S.T ( First Aid Station Teams) organization in 2010. When the Red Cross shuttered F.A.S.T in 2012 it left a void in Standby Emergency Medical Response Teams for special events. There are hundreds of promoters throughout Washington needing “Stand By First Aid” so he quickly spun up a single station. Then over the years NWR has grown to consist of eighteen team members ready to deploy either as a single responder or as part of a multi team station.

Our Service

We work in all weather, indoors or out! We provide teams for marathons, festivals, corporate parties, private events, and even provide exclusive and very low key plain clothes or Black Tie Medics. 

We utilize standard First Aid supplies found in Basic Life Support (BLS) response.  

Single Responder Roll-in-Roll-Out

Standard 10 x 10 Two Responder Stations

Custom Solutions to fit your event needs

On The Job

NWR Team Members Are Dedicated & Compassionate Emergency Medical Responders 

Here are a few snaps from past events.

Christa's First Day!

Ready to start the day at Seattle Pride Parade 2019.

Seattle to San Juan

Thomas and Tyler at the San Juan Half

Seattle Pride

Quite possibly one of our favorite large events!
Thomas and Ashley say hello to a very special visitor to our station.

Capitol Hill Block Party

The great thing about “BIG” events is that we get to hang with Seattles Finest from SFD.  

Ready to roll!

Sometimes we need to get out on the trail, and a compact UTV side-by-side is the ride we need.

Medics Afloat

We love the water!  This event was for Red Bull Music aboard the historic Ferry the Hiyu. Hiyu began its glorious career as the MV Hiyu; a working passenger vessel with the Washington State Ferry system. Looking for something different for a party? Click on over to the Hiyu webpage.

The Big Station!

Dave, Luana and Thomas all set to rock for the three days of Capitol Hill Block Party. We pulled out the big  20′ x 10′ station for this event, and we needed it!

This station was complete with misting fans, two cots, and a crew complement of four (4) responders.  

The Orca Half

Ariana soaking up the sun on a chilly September morning at the Orca Running’s “Orca Half”. 

Does it show?

We are so fortunite to love what we do. Thomas and Ashley during the Seattle Pride Parade. We had ten (10) team members stationed throughout all the Pride events including the Fest.

Terry is Ready!

Terry was manning a small station for Pride Fest. We had two locations for Pride Fest; one on Capitol Hill and the other at Seattle Center.  

What Our Clients Have to Say

I’ve worked with NW Response on several festivals & events this summer. Their staff is calm, collected, great with various levels of customers (from intoxicated adults, to very particular 6 year olds).

They are always prompt, the booth looks professional, they are very responsive to radio calls.

The best on site medical team I have worked with.”

Michael Chandler

Timber Fest • Chomp • NW Folk Life • Artist Home

“I’m thankful that our event, the Seattle Pride Parade, routinely deals with minor medical incidents, like heat exhaustion, dehydration, cuts & bruises, ankle sprains, etc. Northwest Response handles these cases with compassion and thoroughness. If a more serious incident arose, however, I’m confident that Thomas Bliss and his colleagues would approach the situation with consummate poise and professionalism.
I recommend them highly.”

Marc Ackerman

Seattle Pride Parade

Tyler & Founder Thomas Working Red Bull Music on South Lake Union.

Northwest Response has been providing standby event medical services since 2012. We have a great team of professional responders from EMR to EMT.  We work in all kinds of weather in  a variety of venues both on land and on the water. We can provide a single responder for lightly attended events up to multi team/station(s) for great coverage on larger events.

Ready To Start?

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