Recreational Boater First Aid, CPR/AED classes at CWB Seattle

Recreational Boater First Aid, CPR/AED classes at CWB Seattle

Recreational Boater First Aid at CWB Seattle

One of the challenges in “First Aid” training for the recreational boater and/or avid sailor is that you have generic classes and hybrid classes with not much in-between. The generic classes leave you wanting, and the hybrid classes could cost you thousands of dollars. A MedPic class is certainly worth it, but nonetheless pricy.

Modern First Aid classes for the lay responder have been watered down to the point that why even bother. You can learn all of that from a YouTube video, and a good EMR (emergency medical response) book. Presently, the “Big Two Provider” classes are video driven, coma inducing, canned presentations that leave you saying; okay, I can do CPR, but what about the rest of it?

Finding a medium ground emergency medical response training course for the boater has been on the forefront of our minds here at Northwest Response for some time now.

The Northwest Response cadre is comprised of Professional Healthcare providers, EMR’s, EMT’s, Emergency Department Nurses and Technicians. We are also sailors, Captains, Coast Guard Active Duty, USCG transitioning and USCG Auxilarists, and STCW trainers. Some of us even teach the OUPV (six-Pack) through Master Mariner 100 Ton courses, and we hear ya!

Over the past year we have been fine-tuning a hybrid mariner centric emergency medical response course that you can actually use. We hit the tough stuff, the scary stuff, the #OMG stuff, but when you walk out of this class you will feel empowered and confident to really respond. This is new ground!

We are very proud to debut “The Mariner Emergency Medical Response Course” in Seattle at the New Wagner Education Center at the Center for Wooden Boats on the shore of Lake Union.

This Course is presented by Northwest Response and Captain Thomas E. Bliss, and approved by The United States Coast Guard for OUPV – Master Mariner.

Additional Approvals: Washington State L&I (Labor & Industry), and OSHA.

This course is not intended for those seeking STCW First Aid Certification.

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About Your Instructor 

Captain Bliss is a Licensed USCG Master Mariner and self-described “Safety Nerd” who logs approximately 2800 hours a year in various safety training courses from BT (formerly BST), Emergency Medical Responder, complex SAR (Search and Rescue) training courses and Fast Rescue Boat OTW operations. 

He is a former Assistant Director for Fremont Maritime Services/India Tango where he specialized in Maritime Safety and Response Training, and as a cold water survival expert; Thomas has traveled to the far reaches of the planet including the Beaufort Sea, 270 miles north of the Arctic Circle to teach cold water survival to seismic ship-board exploration crews. 

For the past twenty seven (27) years, Thomas has resided in the Maritime Community of Gig Harbor, Washington where he continues to serve with the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary as a COXSWAIN, Flotilla Commander for the Bremerton Flotilla 4-5, and USCG AUX Gig Harbor Detachment Leader. He also served as a Flotilla Staff Officer in Communications (SO-CS) in the 13th Coast Guard District.

Thomas dedicates his time not only to educate professional mariners which includes a career highlight of completing essential shipboard Emergency Medical Response training to the crew of the newly christened 269′ National Geographic, Lindbald Expedition vessel “Venture“, but also to community recreational boating education.

He is the Founder and Director of Northwest Response (NWR); a Lay-Responder Medical Training Enterprise which is an Event Stand-by EMS service that provides care and medical coverage to thousands of event patrons from marathons, music festivals, and private corporate events. NWR also specializes in on-site First Aid, Bloodborne Pathogen, Asbestos Training as well as providing various companies the L&I required certification for Respiratory Fit Testing.

Captain Bliss is very proud to work with Destiny Harbor Tours providing fantastic “on the water” sightseeing tours in the South Puget Sound. Destiny also provides water Taxi Service for the University of Washington Husky Games ferrying fans from their boats to the stadium and back again for home games.

Thomas is indeed a “safety nerd” with a great respect and knowledge for all things relating to survival whether on land or on the water!