The Center For Wooden Boats

Northwest Response presents two different First Aid, CPR/AED
Classes at The Center for Wooden Boats

You dont need to be a boater or professional mariner to enjoy this class.

One Class is the HSI (Health and Safety Institute Medic Basic First Aid,CPR/AED.  This is a great course for those needing certification in the basics and is approved by OSHA, L&I and The United States Coast Guard. Runtime 4.5hrs.

The second is the Super Charged Basic First Aid, CPR/AED Plus+ Class In this class we go into greater detail with Control of Serious Bleeding, Head Neck & Spinal Injuries, Patient handling and Evacuation procedures.  Runtime 8hrs.

  • Class Delivered by Professional Emergency Medical Responders
  • USCG, OSHA & L&I Approved
  • Approved for Master Mariner License
  • Two Year Certification
  • Learn to Save a Life

"Believe me, my young friend, there is nothing -- absolutely nothing -- half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats."

~Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame.

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The Center For Wooden Boats
1010 Valley Street
Seattle, WA 98109 United States
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Essential Boater & Professional Mariner Class Topics

Recognizing an Emergency

Personal Safety

Infectious Bloodborne Diseases

Standard Precautions

Personal Protective Equipment

Legal Consideration

Good Samaritan Laws

Emergency Actions Plans

Chain of Survival

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation(CPR)

Caring for Cardiac Arrest

Multiple Provider Approach to CPR

AED Operation

Primary Assessment

Secondary Assessment

Choking Assessment

Sudden Injury

Control of Bleeding


Spinal Injury

Brain Injury


Swollen, Painful or Deformed Limbs



Injured Tooth

Altered Mental Status



Diabetic Emergencies


Breathing Difficulty, Shortness of Breath

Asthma and Inhalers

Severe Allergic Reaction


Heat Exhaustion

Heat Stroke




Marine Animal Stings*

Animal and Human Bites*

Using a Tourniquet

Using a Hemostatic Dressing*


Internal Bleeding


Impaled Objects

Open Chest Injury

Open Abdominal Injury

Head, Neck or Back Injury

Emergency Moves

Emotional Considerations

Patient Packaging

USCG and other HELO Ops/MedEvac

Medical Reporting forms

Patient Care Reports

Wrap up Q&A

Thomas Bliss (left) with unknown K9, and Ashley.
Thomas Bliss (left) with unknown K9, and Ashley.

About Your Instructor

Captain Bliss is a Licensed USCG Master Mariner, 30 year resident of the Maritime Community of Gig Harbor, Washington.

He dedicates his time to educate professional mariners, and recreational boaters with a career highlight of completing an essential shipboard Emergency Medical Response training for the crew of the  269′ National Geographic, Lindbald Expedition vessel “Venture.”

Thomas logs approximately 2800 hours a year in various safety training courses from BT (formerly BST), Emergency Medical Responder, complex SAR (Search and Rescue) training courses, and Fast Rescue Boat OTW operations. 

A former Assistant Director for Fremont Maritime Services/India Tango; he specialized in Maritime Safety and Response Training. And, as a cold water survival expert; traveled to the far reaches of the planet including the Beaufort Sea, 270 miles north of the Arctic Circle to teach cold water survival to seismic ship-board exploration crews.

Captain Bliss continues to honorably serve with the United States Coast Guard Auxiliary as a COXSWAIN, the USCG/AUX Gig Harbor Detachment Leader, and also serves as a Flotilla Staff Officer.

Thomas established Northwest Response (NWR) in 2012, and serves as Director of this Lay-Responder Medical Training Enterprise and Event Stand-by EMS service that provides care and medical coverage to thousands of event patrons from marathons, music festivals up to and including large and small private corporate events.

NWR also specializes in on-site First Aid Classes from Wilderness, Advanced, Bloodborne Pathogen, and Asbestos Training as well as providing Respiratory Fit Testing and Certification for numerous companies throughout the Puget Sound area.

Messing about in boats is about the most enjoyable part of living in the Pacific Northwest.   However, when you cast off the lines and get underway, even the simplest of injuries can lead to a very miserable journey.

Knowing what to do in the event of a simple injury or the unthinkable life treating medical emergency are essential skills that every boater must possess. There is no 911 at sea, and help could be hours away even if you are only a few miles off shore.

This course will help you acquire and/or refresh vital First Aid Skills.  

Don't take a chance; learn to save a life today, and have fun while doing it.

Captain Thomas Bliss, EMR