Welcome Change

With COVID disrupting just about every aspect of business, we have been fortunate to have skills that kept us going through it all. For the past year we have been laser focused on working with the healthcare, eldercare & Adult Family Homes to provide Respirator Fit Testing almost exclusively.  We are still under contract with the Washington State Department of Health to provide services through June 2021.

This week we enjoyed a very welcome change in that we delivered our first Advanced First Aid Course in over a year.  Our client was SAFE Boats International in Bremerton Washington.  SAFE Boats is an amazing company, and we had a great time working with the SAFE Boats team for the intensive two day, 17 hour course.

If you have never seen a SAFE Boat visit their website and you will see the amazing work SAFE Boats produces, right here in the Pacific Northwest www.SAFEBOATS.com


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