Wilderness First Aid for WA Department of Agraculture

What a week!

Northwest Response (NWR) just wrapped up a marathon week of training on First Aid training from basic “Lay Responser” to “Wilderness First Aid

After 14 months of no First Aid Classes (CUZ… COVID) we have held eight classes in the last 30 days, in addition to our ongoing commitment to the WA Department of Health to train on respirtory protection and respirator “fit-testing” of Healthcare workers.

From May 24-25, NWR delivered a two day (16 hour) Wilderness First Aid course for the WA Department of Agraculture.  Our students were of various field, and laboratory professionals.  Day one (1) was all classroom, and day two (2) was putting it all together in the “wild”.  Day two our students were required to respond to a variety of scenarios, from simple to serious illness to serious injury.

Our ASHI Wilderness First Aid course guided our students through stepped/progressive more challenging scenarios, from sudden illness to traumatic injuries.


Images of simulated injuries may be upsetting to some viewers.






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