Wilderness First Aid Training for WA State

Since COVID, Northwest Response switched gears from First Aid Training to respiratory protection training and qualitative fit testing of N95’s to full face respirators for Hospitals, Surgery Centers, Dental/Medical, Assisted Living Facilities and Adult Family Homes.  Starting in December of 2020, NWR has been working closely with the Washington State Department of Health to fulfill a tremendous need to fit test caregivers which has resulted in most of the First Aid Training classes being cancelled.

The good news is that training for all First Aid related classes in 2021 saw a sharp increase as industry was ready to venture out, and resume “business as usual” to the best of their ability.  Over the past several months NWR has been honored to once again deliver on-site First Aid/CPR Training.  One of our favorite classes by far is the two (2) day Wilderness First Aid Class (WFA).  We have delivered three WFA classes this year, and just completed a class in late October, 2021 for the Washington State Department of Agriculture in beautiful Leavenworth, Washington.

Who should take Wilderness First Aid?

Typically, WFA is for those that work in remote environments.  Wilderness environments create special situations not usually encountered in an urban or suburban environment.  The ASHI Wilderness First Aid class gives first aid providers training in a remote outdoor setting in order to better prepare them to respond when faced with limited resources, longer times to care for someone, and decisions about when and how fast to evacuate an ill or injured person.

At this time we are not holding “open enrollment” courses. We are only offering this course on a group level to agencies and corporate clients.

Course Limitations and Pre-Requisites:

  • The course is limited to ten (10) students.
  • All students must be current in Basic First Aid and CPR/AED (we can provide the basic class with an additional day of training).
  • Students must be physically able to maneuver on uneven terrain, and be in generally good health.

Course Run Time:

The WFA course is two (2) days, eight (8) hours per day.  Adding Basic FA/CPR/AED is an additional half day, or roughly five (5) hours.

wilderness first aid

Wilderness First Aid Class in Washington

Training Center Guidance:

Day One:  Northwest Response requires a large conference or meeting room with AV capability. The space should be large enough to allow for students to practice emergent moves, and other first aid related exercises.  Need help?  Let us know.

Day Two:  The second day is in the great outdoors remote or semi-remote environment similar to where students may be applying their craft.  State and National Parks have plenty of great places to reserve picnic shelters for staging.  When considering a space, keep in mind that we need to be out of sight from spectators so a private setting is better to allow students to focus on the task at hand.

For more information on the class click over to this link for sample content.


This course is available to group, corporate, Federal or State agencies at this time.  Again, we do not have any “open enrollment” classes scheduled for 2021 -2022.

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